Podcast #9 – 3/6/15

Back in the studio and jigglin’ “it” like my mama taught me.  High energy, high laughs…..high-larious…..see what I did there.  Tell everyone or was is “trust no one”?……..who knows.  Tell you dad.

Elite: Dangerous Flight Stick + Razer Tartarus

ED-Logitech-3D-pro-setup ED-tardtus-setup


My current setup (still fine tuning) for Elite: Dangerous.  I still have to add the buttons for “Wings” but this already took me about 6 hrs of configuring.  The flight stick is used exclusively for dogfighting and the Tartarus comes into play when you need to access any of the ship menus.  There is more hand switching than your “standard” HOTAS setup but it feels like you’re punching buttons on a ships panel ;)