Friday Night FIGHTS!


Friday Night Fights!

  • Do you want to take out some of that unhealthy aggression towards those dumb CMDRS? (You know who you are.)
  • Do you want to practice your skillz so you can show the next pirate “Who’s da boss?”.
  • Do you wanna just meet some new people, hang out in a spaceship…’s a FUCKING SPACE SHIP and exchange tips and tricks?


Here are the rules:

  • Ship: Viper (Don’t worry it’ll change from time to time)
  • Hard-points: Non-Gimbled, NO missiles
  • Where?: Just come back here on Friday to find out where to meet.

This is meant to be a fun and informative event where all are welcome.  It is NOT a free for all, pick on the new CMDR’s or a fight to the death (when the target ship in under 10% hull…..YOU WIN).  These are coordinated one-on-one matches to help improve combat against actual CMDR’s.

And remember…….The first rule of FNF is…do not talk about FNF….or please DO. The more the merrier. Later CMDR’s!

-CMDR Whosdatdude

Podcast #9 – 3/6/15

Back in the studio and jigglin’ “it” like my mama taught me.  High energy, high laughs…..high-larious…..see what I did there.  Tell everyone or was is “trust no one”?……..who knows.  Tell you dad.